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AI brews beer and your big ideas

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Today we will discuss-

  • 🦸Google.org launches AI accelerator program

  • 🤠Microsoft rolls out safety tools for AI

  • 🙍🏽‍♂️Racial bias in AI depression detection

  • ⚙️9 amazing AI tools you might not have heard of

All this and more - Let's dive in!

👩‍🍳What’s cooking in the newsroom?

Google.org launches $20M generative AI accelerator program

🐱News - Google.org, the charitable division of Google, is introducing a new initiative to support nonprofits that are developing technology using generative AI, by offering funding assistance.

The initiative, named Google.org Accelerator: Generative AI, will be backed by $20 million in grants and will initially involve 21 nonprofits. Among the participants are Quill.org, a firm developing AI-driven tools for providing feedback on student writing, and the World Bank, which is designing a generative AI application to enhance the accessibility of development research.

🧑‍💼What's more? In addition to financial backing, nonprofits enrolled in the six-month accelerator program will gain access to technical training, workshops, mentors, and guidance from an "AI coach." Moreover, through Google.org's fellowship program, teams of Google employees will work closely with three nonprofits — Tarjimly, Benefits Data Trust, and mRelief — for up to six months, providing full-time support to help them launch their proposed generative AI tools.

A preview of the projects revealed that Tarjimly is looking to use AI to help refugees by translating languages, while Benefits Data Trust is working on AI assistants to support caseworkers in guiding low-income individuals through public benefits enrollment. And then there's mRelief, which is developing a tool to make the U.S. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits application process a whole lot easier. 

Here it is worth noting that a recent Google.org survey found that four out of five nonprofits believe generative AI could benefit their work. However, nearly half of them currently do not use this technology, due to barriers such as lack of tools, awareness, training, and funding.

Microsoft announces new features to aid users in AI security testing efforts 

👨‍💻News - Sarah Bird, Microsoft's chief product officer for responsible AI, has revealed that her team has developed user-friendly safety features that will help Azure customers test their AI services. This will be especially beneficial to those who are unable to hire red teamers to evaluate the security of their AI systems.

👨‍🎓How exactly will this help? Bird said that these LLM-powered tools are capable of identifying potential vulnerabilities, monitoring for plausible yet unsupported hallucinations, and instantly blocking malicious prompts for Azure AI customers using any hosted model. 

She further explained that since not all customers possess expertise in prompt injection attacks or identifying hateful content, the evaluation system generates simulated prompts for these types of attacks. This enables customers to receive a score and observe the results.

😀How can customers access these features? Three new features are now available in preview on Azure AI. These include;

  • Prompt Shields, which blocks prompt injections or malicious prompts from external documents that instruct models to go against their training. 

  • Groundedness Detection, which identifies and blocks hallucinations.

  • And Safety Evaluations, which evaluate vulnerabilities in models.

  • Furthermore, two additional features for guiding models towards safe outputs and tracking prompts to identify potential issues will be introduced soon.

AI significantly less effective at detecting depression in Black Americans, study finds

👨🏽News - A recent study has revealed that while AI shows promise in identifying signs of depression among white Americans through social media analysis, it struggles to do so for their black counterparts.

The researchers used an "off-the-shelf" AI tool to analyze language in social media posts from 868 volunteers, with the same number of black and white adults who shared similar characteristics such as age and gender.

🫠The result: researchers found a significant discrepancy in the AI's performance when applied to different racial groups. To be specific, the AI model performed over three times worse at predicting depression among black individuals using platforms like Meta Platforms' Facebook compared to its performance with white users.

🥸What's the most important point here? What researchers found particularly striking is that certain language patterns previously associated with depression, such as "I-talk" or self-focused attention, and expressions of self-deprecation and feeling like an outsider, were found to be exclusive to white individuals. This raises a crucial point about the risks associated with developing healthcare AI models without considering diverse racial and ethnic groups in the data.

🙆🏻‍♀️What else is happening?

👩‍🏫Technical jargon simplified

  • Data Preprocessing: It refers to the steps taken to clean, transform, and prepare data for AI algorithms. The process involves removing noise, handling missing values, normalizing data, and ensuring it is in a suitable format for analysis.

  • Overfitting: It occurs when a machine learning model becomes too complex and starts to memorize the training data instead of learning generalizable patterns. It leads to poor performance on new, unseen data.

  • Underfitting: It happens when a machine learning model is too simple and fails to capture the underlying patterns in the data. It results in low accuracy or performance on both training and new data. Finding the right balance is important for optimal model performance.

👩🏼‍🚒Discover mind-blowing AI tools

  1. Chat With Data - An AI tool that allows users to upload various types of documents such as PDF, Word, CSV, Excel, and SQL Database and interact with them using natural language via an interactive chat interface (Free up to 3 files/day) 

  2. Kaiber - A video generation engine that enables users to create videos from their own images or text description ($10/month)

  3. Suno AI Bark - A text-to-audio model that offers highly realistic, multilingual speech generation, including nonverbal communications such as laughing, sighing, and crying (Open Source) 

  4. GPTforSlides - An AI-powered tool that integrates seamlessly with Google Slides, enabling users to generate visually appealing presentations quickly while saving time (Free up to 3 presentations/month) 

  5. Doodle Morph AI - An art generator app, which turns simple doodles into stunning, photo-realistic artwork (Free)

  6. Glasp YouTube Summarizer - A chrome extension that runs YouTube videos through ChatGPT/ Claude and summarizes them (Free)

  7. AtOnce - An AI content generator and CRM that helps businesses make SEO optimized content 10x faster ($99/month) 

  8. RoomGPT - Allows users to take a picture of their room and generate a new version of their room in different themes (Free)

  9. Salesforge - A comprehensive sales execution app that streamlines email deliverability and personalized cold email outreach ($48/month) 

📺AI-based series

  • My Holo Love (2020) - The show follows the story of Han So-yeon, a woman whose life takes a turn when she encounters a holographic AI companion. The storyline explores the dynamics of human-AI relationships, unraveling themes of love, technology, and the impact of artificial intelligence on personal connections.

  • Upload (2020) - It is a science fiction comedy television series set in a future where people can upload their consciousness into a virtual afterlife. The series follows Nathan (Robbie Amell), a young man who dies in a self-driving car accident and is uploaded to a luxurious virtual world called Lakeview.

  • Killjoys (2015-2019) - A sci-fi series that follows a trio of interplanetary bounty hunters, or "Killjoys," that work for a reclamation agency. Their mode of transportation is a sentient AI spacecraft named Lucy. The team's relationship with Lucy is characterized by camaraderie and banter, with Lucy not only serving as a practical asset but also contributing her own opinions and witty remarks, adding a distinctive and lively dimension to their adventures.

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